Drug Addiction After Injury

Most  individuals can empathize with the suffering that may occur from injury. Some cases may be worse than  others, but most of us seem to have some understanding of what it is like to have severe pain and the recovery process it all entails. Those who have not, can consider themselves the minority, and lucky few.

In recovering from broken bones, sprained ankles, tendinitis, or even something as serious as a devastating car crash; we are often given a large supply of pain medications by our physicians, to ease the suffering. In taking these prescription medications safely and as per our doctors recommendations, we may heal just fine. Although, there are cases in which an individual may become addicted to the feeling of a lesser pain, or a relaxed state of body. With this, there may be a chance of drug addiction after the injury and the effects can be longer lasting than the original injury.

How Do I Know If My Loved One Is Becoming Addicted To Their Pain Medications And/or Prescription Meds?

It is often the case that an individual who is becoming addicted to pain meds or prescription drugs, will over-exaggerate their pain level. They will immediately ask for the pain pills instead of finding other ways in which to minimize their pain. These ways may include: readjusting themselves in bed, readjusting their injured body part, loosening a bandage, etc. When this is the case, unfortunately you may be serving pills to someone who is becoming addicted to their prescription.

Another sign that your friend or family member may be becoming addicted, is when they seem to be recovering in a timely manner, but are still falling into the habit of reaching for the prescription drugs. You may test your theory by taking the prescription away from the patient’s bedside, so that they must ask each time they are in need of their pills. This is a good way in which to monitor their drug use, and perhaps, abuse.

Yet another sign of possible addiction, is if the dosage continues to run out, before the refill is due; or before another bottle of the prescription is necessary. Monitor your friend or family member’s pill intake each day. If the pills are quickly disappearing, there may be an issue to discuss.

Prescription medication must be taken with care, and is not prescribed to be a  taken indefinetely. When an individual is injured, a certain amount of pain should be expected. The medications are there to ease that pain, not numb the patient completely.

If you or somebody you care for is suffering from a potential addiction to prescription or pain medications, it is often best to speak directly with the professionals. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in your area may have the answers to questions you have been pondering. Rehabilitation programs are everywhere, and professionals within those centers and programs are ready and willing to be of service.