Does Your DNA Impact Your Health?

health and techLooking back at your family health history, you may find that one or even both of your parents had dementia, heart disease, diabetes or some type of cancer. When this is the case, does it mean that you should expect to fall into the same path health wise? This article is meant to help explain some of the medical research that has gone into DNA and health.

It goes without saying that the thought of being doomed to get a certain disease simply due to the fact that another family member may have had it can be frightening. You might think that  there would be nothing that you would be able to do to prevent such illnesses from happening. The fact of the matter is that there are always going to be many different things that a person can do to help reduce the odds that they will come down with any number of illnesses, even if they are illnesses that have seemed to run in the family line.

While it may be true that there is a history in your family of a particular illness or a condition like high cholesterol which can lead to heart disease and you might be worried about getting it, you can start early to take the necessary measures to prevent it. Even if you have a dominant gene, there are still certain things that you can do to help you so that even if you are diagnosed, you could end up with a brighter outcome than if you simply ignored it. There is a lot of research that has proven that a great diet and the right nutrition and exercise plan can have a tremendous impact on your life and everyday health.

No two people can be guaranteed to get the same results when it comes to diet and exercise. Even two people who are on the same exact exercise and nutrition plan can end up being diagnosed with different health conditions. One may have high blood pressure while another may be diagnosed as diabetic. There are always going to be certain things that happen with our bodies that simply cannot be controlled. With that being said, life is not fair and it is all in the way that you go about navigating your life that will help you to determine the way that you face things.

If there is proof that there is something in your genetic makeup that tells you that there could be a health condition on the horizon, you simply have to put more effort into avoiding as much of the fallout as possible. The more that you can learn about nutrition and the positive impact that it can have on your life, the better your future outlook will be, regardless of what your DNA may want to try to tell you.

A great way to get started when trying to fit what your DNA has in store, think about looking at changing up your diet. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables along with lean meats, quality fats and low fat dairy. Whenever possible, opt for whole grains and stay away from foods that are processed or genetically modified. Avoid sodium and sugar whenever you can and always be sure that you have quality supplementation each day in the form of vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

We may not be able to change everything that our genetic makeup has in store, but we can try.