Benefits Of Resistance Training For Women

Many women don’t seriously consider weight training when deciding on an exercise program. Perhaps it’s because they believe it won’t help them with their goals of muscle toning and weight loss. Believe it or not, however, once you start weight training, your body will burn calories more efficiently. Within only a few months you will see a dramatic change in the shape of the body you see in the mirror. You will be more sleek and athletic. Your metabolism will have changed and you will have more energy and less fatigue. You health will take a dramatic shift for the better. You’ll have a stronger immune system. And what’s more, studies have shown that lifting weights fights osteoporosis.

Five Reasons Why Women should be Weight Training:

1) Your Body Will Burn Calories More Efficiently
As you weight train and eat enough protein will gain muscle mass in all the right places without getting bulky. Supposedly you burn 35 to 50 calories a day for every pound of muscle mass. As you gain more muscle you will burn more calories. Don’t be afraid of getting as muscular as some bodybuilding guy. That is but one of many myths. Women have 10 to 30 times less of the hormone physiology than men that brings on muscle hypertrophy (big muscles).

2) Change in the Shape of Your Body Better than Cardiovascular Exercise
There was a university study done in which a certain amount of subjects were asked to do cardio such as walking and the same amount were asked to weight train as their main exercise. After a certain period of time, given the same low calorie diet with the same food, both groups lost pounds. The cardio group lost fat and unfortunately some muscle whereas the weight training group lost only fat. You’ll burn body fat and not valuable muscle with weight lifting. Read More ,,,

Back Pain Long And Short Term Treatments

There are many treatments for chronic back pain that are commonly talked about as helpful for back pain sufferers, however some important facts about these treatments are often missed. Some treatments are helpful as short term treatments, and some are long term treatments. The type of injury, type of person, and the stage of their recovery or injury also makes a difference to what back pain treatment will work best for you.

Hot showers, pain relievers and rest can be good for helping back pain in the short term. Chiropractic adjustments, stretches, massage and inversion therapy are other common treatments that help pain in the short term.

Hot showers, massage, and stretches also often help with the healing process as they help break up excess tension, fibrosis or mineralization in your muscles and promote blood flow allowing your muscles to return to their natural, more relaxed state. Read More ,,,

Drug Addiction After Injury

Most  individuals can empathize with the suffering that may occur from injury. Some cases may be worse than  others, but most of us seem to have some understanding of what it is like to have severe pain and the recovery process it all entails. Those who have not, can consider themselves the minority, and lucky few.

In recovering from broken bones, sprained ankles, tendinitis, or even something as serious as a devastating car crash; we are often given a large supply of pain medications by our physicians, to ease the suffering. In taking these prescription medications safely and as per our doctors recommendations, we may heal just fine. Although, there are cases in which an individual may become addicted to the feeling of a lesser pain, or a relaxed state of body. With this, there may be a chance of drug addiction after the injury and the effects can be longer lasting than the original injury.

How Do I Know If My Loved One Is Becoming Addicted To Their Pain Medications And/or Prescription Meds?

It is often the case that an individual who is becoming addicted to pain meds or prescription drugs, will over-exaggerate their pain level. They will immediately ask for the pain pills instead of finding other ways in which to minimize their pain. These ways may include: readjusting themselves in bed, readjusting their injured body part, loosening a bandage, etc. When this is the case, unfortunately you may be serving pills to someone who is becoming addicted to their prescription. Read More ,,,

Cataract Causes And Treatment

Cataracts are common complaints of the eye, usually found in people over the age of 55 but they can occur in younger people, people who have suffered trauma and can also be found in newborns. The symptoms of cataracts range from blurred vision and dull colours, to increased sensitivity to light. You might also find your night vision worsening and more frequent trips to the doctor as well as a white spot over the pupil of the eye.

Who Can Get Cataracts?

Most people will develop cataracts at some point, usually later in their life, and not all find that they are serious, while some will find that the cataract imposes on their life, their vision and living standards to such an extent that they choose to remove it with a simple surgical procedure.
The symptoms will vary depending on your age and your past history in eye care, your general health and any hereditary diseases. You may only experience one of the symptoms mentioned above, or all of them, and some may come and go. Whatever your particular symptoms are, if you are experiencing eye issues or having problems with your sight then an early trip to the doctor is in order. You may develop cataracts later in life, others are born with them.

Causes Of Cataracts

There are several causes of cataracts. The different types of cataracts you have may affect your treatment options, but most are easily treated with a simple procedure which is now very common and very safe.
If you are born with a cataract then they may not necessarily affect vision. They usually occur because there is a hereditary issue, or just an undetermined cause. If you are born with a cataract and you find it does affect vision in any way, then it is best to have it removed. Some people born with a cataract find that there are not too many symptoms or problems with their eyesight, and they live a normal life without dependency on glasses or contact lenses. Other people will find the cataract very intrusive in their life and will choose to have it removed with surgery.
Then again, there are traumatic cataracts where development will occur due to an injury, or a disease like diabetes. Sometimes exposure to radiation or chemicals can cause cataracts. The cataract may occur immediately or it may develop years later. As the cataract occurs due to injury or disease, you may have never experience poor eyesight before. Obviously an accident is hard to avoid sometimes, but diseases such as diabetes should be controlled to try to reduce the likelihood of developing cataracts, or at least slowing the rate of development.
A common cause of cataracts is simply age and the failing health of the eye. The lens of the eye may become yellow or hard and will gradually develop, as you notice your eyesight failing gradually. It is not a huge problem and can be fixed with cataract surgery very easily. Most patients will describe problems such as nearsightedness, blurred vision or spotting on the eye. Cloudiness is a common complaint and this usually occurs towards the edges of the lens. Read More ,,,

Finding A Cure For IBS

Do not be misled by any advertisements or promotions addressing a cure for IBS. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for irritable bowel syndrome, the primary reason being, the cause or causes leading to this disorder are either poorly understood, or put more bluntly, not understood at all.

Research Into IBS

There is ongoing research into the syndrome in an attempt to discover probable causes and possible cures, but at this point in time there are only theories to work with. Still, there’s always the possibility that in pursuing one of these theories the cause and a cure for IBS may be found.

Not A Disease, But A Collection Of Symptoms –

It should be emphasized that IBS is not a disease but a collection of symptoms, and not everyone with IBS necessarily experiences the same symptoms, or knows the cause behind the symptoms they do experience. To find a cure for IBS, or any disorder, either the cause has to be known, or it is simply stumbled upon by accident. The fact that IBS is not a disease doesn’t make finding a cure for IBS any easier. Irritable bowel syndrome sometimes accompanies certain diseases, though a direct link between IBS and any other disease has yet to be proven.
Complicating matters even further is the fact that different IBS patients often have different symptoms, and these symptoms may be brought about or “triggered” by a single factor, such as stress, a certain food, something in the environment, or by a combination of factors. In addition, since the Syndrome is long term or chronic, it can surface at any time, seemingly due to a different set of circumstances than those causing previous flare ups. This would appear to suggest there may not be any “silver bullet” on the horizon which would be a cure for IBS for anyone, much less everyone. Read More ,,,

Health Benefits of St Johns Wort

The herb St Johns Wort is associated with lots of different health benefits, and many sites on the Internet sing its praises. However, there are downsides to St Johns Wort as well, and we should perhaps consider the downsides of St Johns Wort before we consider the health benefits of St Johns Wort. This is a herb which needs to be treated with respect.

Wine and St Johns Wort

I had a friend who started to take St Johns Wort after suffering a personal loss. She said it helped her to sleep and feel calmer. Both are positive side effects of this herb, but you need to be cautious. One day, my friend phoned me up and said that she had curved her car. She seemed to think that stress was getting to her after all, and despite St Johns Wort, it was all getting to be too much.

We had a little chat, and during the conversation, it emerged that she had drunk a glass of wine with lunch that day. I immediately realized that this was the problem, as alcohol and St Johns Wort that do not go hand in hand, and this was the reason she had crashed her car. As a matter of fact, the small black out she had experienced before crashing her car, was as a direct result of mixing wine with St Johns Wort. These two are not bosom buddies, and you should never mix the two. Read More ,,,

Ways To Help Prevent And Cure Yeast Infections

B0009413Macrophages infected with Candida yeast spores, SEMThe Do’s And Don’ts Of Candidiasis

Women everywhere are aware of the problems infections can bring. One big problem is the fact that a lot of women don’t recognize how to minimize the effects or even avoid a yeast infection. Here are some pointers

Don’t remain in wet clothing after swimming. Since wet environments foster yeast growth, never stay in wet clothing over an extended time period. After you take off your damp clothing, be sure that you towel off well before getting redressed.

Always wear fresh clothing after physical activity. This can be an environment where candidiasis is unlikely to arise. Read More ,,,

How To Get A Better Night Of Sleep While Snoring

Man snoring on a bedWhile snoring may be a noise that takes place when a lot of people sleep, it is also an indication of a serious health issue. Snoring can be attributable to many different factors. Review the piece that follows to have an experience of what could be causing your snoring, and what solutions could be available.

To quit snoring, look for the cause of it. Certain medical issues can cause snoring, and not dealt with, snoring will never improve. In reality, it might even become worse.

While you are sleeping, it can help to obtain your mind elevated. A thicker pillow will offer more support for the head. Also, you can double through to pillows. Applying this technique will help to open your throat, allowing more air flow, resulting in less snoring. Read More ,,,

Help With Back Pain

 Use These Tips To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Back pain has become a common condition in our society, and if you’re one of many who suffer from chronic pain, you are probably, at this very moment, seeking relief. Thankfully, you can find relief from your chronic back pain. In the following paragraphs, you’ll find some great tips for back pain sufferers. These are just a few pointers.

Change your position as soon as you experience back pain. Sit with your knees bent at right angles. Laying like this is comfortable and reduces the stress on your back if you were sitting. If this position feels uncomfortable to you, find one that you are comfortable with.

Try to drink about 62 ounces of water per day with your healthy diet. A healthy well-balanced diet that is full of essential nutrients will help your body function better. This helps you get a leaner body and can prevent pressure on the back, and there are necessary nutrients that can eliminate your back pain. Read More ,,,

How To Quit Smoking

stop smoking

There are various tactics to stop smoking.  For example, some programs specifically catering for those who want to quit might incorporate group discussions, access to internet materials and knowledge bases where you are able to read articles on smoking cessation, tips and stories from successful quitters, including the chance to pair up along with a buddy or perhaps a mentor. There are plenty of paid options out there like that or you could try good old fashioned willpower.

Most people try and quit smoking many times before they kick the habit permanently. Try to understand the situations which make it hard to quit, including being in places where other folks are smoking, and that will be a start.

Quit Smoking Basics

Once you start smoking, it really can be very difficult to stop. Before you stop smoking, you have to prepare.  Find a quit buddy who would like to quit smoking too and run a competition with them, avoid other smokers if you can and throw out your cigarettes so you won’t be tempted. Read More ,,,